Benefits of our NEW Casmara facial include :

  • Infusion of premium quality algae products into the skin (this treatment is NOT recommended for people with shellfish allergies)
  • Instant Skin Illumination by oxygenating skin cells
  • Instantly reduces skin disorders and dryness
  • Mask technology reduces temperature of the skin by 6 degrees C to reduce puffiness, leaving you with tighter, more illuminated skin after a 30 minute session!
  • This is the only mask technology that can treat the full eye area and lips!

Introductory rate of $50 for 30 minutes

Novalash Extensions are on promo again this month!

Classic : $140
Volume : $180

Reflexology appointments now available!

Reflexology is based on the theory that applying pressure to specific areas on the feet and, less commonly, on the hands and ears can affect internal organs and body systems and therefore promote physiological changes in the body.

Michele Hartman is available Wednesday's and Saturday's this month!
60min / $60
45min /$45
30min / $30

Mind, Body Spirit Illumination Mini Retreat

This service offers a sampling of signature services, which includes a 20-min massage, 20-min tailored facial, 20-min ear, hand & foot reflexology assessment and ends with 20-min's of heavenly healing energy and spiritual message. This whole-body experience assists in leading you towards more clarity by healing emotional blockages, activating your body’s powerful healing capabilities.

Please call the spa to book 207-480-1499

90 minutes
$120 - 20% deposit required to hold your space.

Welcoming Spiritual Medium ChandraMa Hanoian

ChandraMa will be joining us full-time October 1st and will be offering Spiritual Readings in addition to a monthly Gallery reading the 3rd Thursday of every month!

ChandraMa's next Gallery Reading is Thursday, September 20th from 6-8pm. Intro rate is $40 per person. Space is filling quickly, please RSVP.

Join ChandraMa & Kristy for weekly Spiritual Development every Monday from 6-8pm beginning Monday, September 10th. RSVP preferred so we can arrange for appropriate seating. Contact Kristy at 207-480-1499 or KristyJamesLA@outlook.com

Welcoming Special Guest Joanna Spano, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer

Wednesday September 19th 6-8pm $20/person

RSVP required, please contact Kristy at 207-480-1400 or email KristyJamesLA@outlook.com

This is a great opportunity to gain insight into your journey of healing and spirituality.

Questions will be answered and topics such as: the healing process (emotional, physical and spiritual), angels, spirit guides, spiritual growth, our connections to Spirit/God, our divinity, the ascension process, etc. will be covered. This can be achieved by:
- past life reviews
- healing emotional blocks
- releasing limiting beliefs
- channeled messages
- divine light healing
- readings
- spiritual counseling and more

About the Facilitator
Joanna is eager to help guide those who are searching for answers in their lives. She achieves this through her gifts of Spirit which include clairvoyance, channeling, past lifetime reviews spiritual counseling, etc. Her healing work is focused on bringing about greater peace by providing clarity in direction and life purpose, easing emotional challenges and fears and through channeling Divine light which connects the individual(s) with the heavenly realm.

Her Training: Advanced DNA Theta Healer, Certification in the Pathway Process into the Heart of the Akashic Records, Third Level Arcturian Light Healer, Reiki II, trained in “Awakening the Christ Consciousness” – Sedona, AZ