Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions in Augusta, ME

Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions in Augusta, ME

Our NovaLash products are a soft, synthetic material

Kennebec Valley Wellness Spa can help you achieve effortlessly glamorous eyelashes. NovaLash lash extensions are a state-of-the-art synthetic material. They are attached to every single lash for an all-natural look—even up close.

After an initial treatment, lash sets normally only need touch ups every four weeks. Ditch the mess and glue of your favorite falsies, and order NovaLash lashes from Kennebec Valley Wellness Spa today. Call 207-480-1499 to schedule an appointment for eyelash extensions in Augusta, ME.

3 benefits of choosing NovaLash eyelash extensions

Are you tired of spending tons of money on expensive lash lengthening mascara? Are your false lashes with glue simply not cutting it anymore? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, NovaLash eyelash extensions may be for you. You should consider this semi-permanent long lash solution because:

  1. They don’t require nightly removal
  2. They are individually bonded to each lash
  3. They don’t need mascara for length or volume
Throw away your mascara tubes and say ‘hello’ to long, natural-looking lashes. Call 207-480-1499 today to schedule an appointment for NovaLash in Augusta, ME.