Try Our Hands-On Body Healing Approach

Try Our Hands-On Body Healing Approach

Feel rejuvenated after a body massage in Augusta, ME

Kennebec Valley Wellness Spa offers 30, 60 and 90-minute massages to customize your relaxation and healing needs. Whether you have sore muscles or you’re tight and uneasy from stress, our massage therapists can help you unwind.

Call 207-480-1499 today to schedule an appointment for a body massage in Augusta, ME.

Pinpoint your problem areas with a relaxing massage

Detox your body from bad energy by visiting Kennebec Valley Wellness Spa for a massage treatment. We offer:

  • Reiki sessions
  • Foot treatments
  • Prenatal massages
  • Hot stone massages
The term ‘Reiki’ stems from the Japanese words ‘rei’ and ‘ki’. Rei means spiritual or supernatural and ki means vital energy. The combination symbolizes our palm healing Reiki sessions that are designed to help you heal and return your focus to your vital energy.

Try one of our reflexology add-ons for extra purification. To learn more about our prenatal massages in Augusta, ME, call 207-480-1499 today.